• Works for Supermarkets, Schools, High-rise apartments, Aged Care Facilities

    • Shopping Centres
    • Offices
    • Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Schools, TAFE, Universities

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  • Plumbing, Sanitary drainage, Hydraulic installations etc

    • Warehouses
    • Factories
    • Workshops
    • Laboratories

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  • Townhouses and low-rise apartments, Multi-Dwelling Developments- Drainage, Gas and Water Meters, Roofing, Gutters, Sanitary Fixtures & Fittings

    • Bespoke housing
    • Multidwelling developments
    • Low/highrise apartments

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Our team at McGrath Plumbing have extensive knowledge and expertise in multiple areas, including plumbing, project management, estimating and service provision.


We work with the customer to plan the work, including reprioritising where required to meet a change in circumstances or urgent needs.


Commitment to continuous improvement means that we are constantly looking for better solutions for our customers.


We are committed to quality and meeting our customer’s needs. We have extensive technical and product knowledge and ensure quality of the workmanship of our staff.


Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. Our reputation for integrity is important to us in everything that we do.

Sustainable Plumbing

McGrath Plumbing and its suppliers work closely in sourcing and using environmentally sustainable products for all works we undertake.

Over 25 Years Experience
In the development and maintenance of Commercial, Industrial and High-End Residential Market

Our commitment is to provide first class service to our customers. We work closely with the customer to determine their requirements at every phase of a project and develop solutions that will ensure that these needs are met.

We value the efforts made to work with us and to solve problems as they arise on site. McGraths are always trying to improve their service..

Strong and honest communication is the most important factor. We see McGraths are on the right track with this and understand why it is such a vital component of the builder/subcontractor relationship.

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Key Suppliers

Of the 8 major suppliers, we have developed strong and on-going relationships with the following companies: